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DSK Supinfogame 2010 Batch

This is group photo of all student & teacher in DSK Spinfogame 2010

DSK Supinfogame 2010

MTV Wassups was at DSK Supinfogame

Left Side is Siddhesh, me, Harshal & MTV VJ Rhea we are presenting our paper work to them

Showing our engine work to MTV


Unreal Engine III Game Environment

Mandora House

Work in Progress sorry for that but i’ll updated soon

Basic intention behind this game is to make a turn based strategy on the flash platform, with a strong strategic background but at the same time quick and easy to learn, and fun to play.

Genre : Turn based strategy

Mode: Two players

View :- 2D

Platform :- PC, flash

Team :- 5 Student (RedDesign)

My Role:-  All Navigation Programming,

Short Intro:-

The game is a grid based game and the players get to play one after the other (turn based). Each player controls a character.  They need to progress on the board square by square (either vertical or horizontal, no diagonal movement) till they reach the center (main objective). There are no pre-designed obstacles on the map, the obstacles in the game will be put by your enemy/opponent player in the form of fences on your path of his opponent in order to slow you down. There are also random bonuses that may or may not help them in their progression.

The player who reaches the center first, wins whenever he reaches the center.

Chair Modelling

Description:- This form lets coops(character name)turn into a rock-hard mass that is almost invulnerable to ordinary damage

Goo Fu is a platform game where you control a cute, ball-shaped creature, Coop, who use his two limbs and three special forms to overcome obstacles, kill enemies and solve puzzles.


A physics puzzle-platformer, Goo Fu has you swinging through levels solving puzzles, fighting enemies and bosses, finding upgrades and powerups, etc. The main gameplay includes the use of Coop’s unique stretchy arms and four different forms to help him combat any given situation.

Normal Form :

This is the form Coop starts with and is in by default. It has two limbs that can be controlled independently to grab, pull, shock, etc. In this form, Coop has excellent maneuverability, as he can pull himself towards platforms, swing from platform to platform, shock enemies, pull and drag objects and even pull himself towards some enemies that he has grabbed.

Inflated Form:

Coop becomes like an inflated balloon – he is very light and delicate, with the ability to bounce (jump) and float around. When falling in this form, he floats down slowly, avoiding taking damage.

Goo Form:

Coop collapses into a living puddle of jelly-like goo. In this versatile form, bullets go through Coop’s liquid body and he can push himself through the narrowest of gaps, going places otherwise impossible to get to. He can also rise up like a wave and devour an enemy, slowly assimilating him over time for a health boost!

Hardball Form:

The ultimate Goo-Fu fighting technique, this form lets Coop turn into a rock-hard mass that is almost invulnerable to ordinary damage, with the ability to bulldoze through opponents like they were mere bowling pins.

Goo-Fu Trailer

Goo Fu Production Stages Video is here check this

Goo-Fu Level First




House-3DS Max work