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Slice the Ice

Slice the ice
Developer: Fancy Factory 

Publisher : Playcaso Pvt. Ltd.

Role: QA and content Manager

iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch 


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How far would a blue polar weasel have to go to rescue his lost treasure.
Take scrappy on this puzzling journey across snowy terrains, grasslands and underwater reefs spanning 5 worlds and 100 levels!
Scrappy Having lost his collection of yellow rubber ducklings in a mysterious plane crash you are his last best hope to reunite him with his beloved treasure.
The rules are straightforward and the game is easy to play. Just Swipe over your screen to cut the solid blocks of ice and free the ducks from their frosty prison. The number of precious cuts per level are limited – so minimize their use while trying to let the ice blocks hit as many acorns for bonus points on their way down.

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Developer : Playcaso Pvt. Ltd.

Role: Game Designer and QA

Description :
Tap Tap Sushi isn’t just for the sushi lovers…nor is it only for the renowned Itamae (Japanese chefs)! This test of dexterity and sharpness takes place in your very own Sushi bar- which is in disarray! Would you like it if your order of Nigiri sushi got mixed up with an order of Onigiri? Or if you got 6 pieces of Temaki instead of 3? That’s exactly what’s happening in your Sushi Bar! Time to step in and sort things out, unless you want to face your customer’s ire which can be sharper than a Wasabi sting!


iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

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Smell Raiser

Developer : Playcaso Pvt. Ltd.

Role: Game Designer and QA

Side-scrolling awesomeness is back- and is here to stay! The protagonist of this adventure is Spiffy- swift, energetic and a skunk on a mission! Traverse the different exotic locations with Spiffy in this frenetic, edge-of-your-seat arcade platformer! His wish is simple- he wants to explore the lands of the unknown and travel as far as he possibly can! Using simple jump combination controls, help Spiffy collect stars, activate combinations and evade the creatures of the exotic!


iPhone and iPAD


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