Basic intention behind this game is to make a turn based strategy on the flash platform, with a strong strategic background but at the same time quick and easy to learn, and fun to play.

Genre : Turn based strategy

Mode: Two players

View :- 2D

Platform :- PC, flash

Team :- 5 Student (RedDesign)

My Role:-  All Navigation Programming,

Short Intro:-

The game is a grid based game and the players get to play one after the other (turn based). Each player controls a character.  They need to progress on the board square by square (either vertical or horizontal, no diagonal movement) till they reach the center (main objective). There are no pre-designed obstacles on the map, the obstacles in the game will be put by your enemy/opponent player in the form of fences on your path of his opponent in order to slow you down. There are also random bonuses that may or may not help them in their progression.

The player who reaches the center first, wins whenever he reaches the center.